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Vandiward's Profile Picture
My friends can call me Vandi. Puedo hablar español tambien.

I would't call myself an artist, I'm just a guy that draws feet. (☉‿☉)


I can be mean sometimes without knowing, I have a short temper so watch out for that . But I usually try to be nice. I know I'm not the best or the nicest... but... I'll try to be better

All Jojo fans are welcomed here <3

Hierophant Green is my favorite Stand, BTW

Also, for all you normies out there
"Plz stop drawing fetish art, it's disguusting ;((("

Just Alt+f4, will ya?

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Back when I posted the original image... I also shared this in celebration.

Thank you for everything :)
Private Performance
The Master Class Performance was done, and even if she didn't won, Serena still received a lot of praise and joy from her friends, family and adoring fans and that was good enough for her!

Grace, Serena's mom decided to have a little toast in honor of her daughter in a private room where they could relax and talk for a while (Big girls only, of course). Grace invited Shauna who was a great friend of Serena and Miette, who Serena didn't like as much but Grace still saw her as a friend. During the whole way to the room Miette teased Serena on her not-so-subtle crush on a certain famous boy.

But to their surprise, they found the current Kalos Queen Aria and Champion Diantha on their way, they were chatting until they saw the group of girls, then they decided to tag along for a celebration, Serena was quite surprised by this since she would expect the famous girls to be quite but they joined in also looking for some relaxation. They arrive at a little cozy room with big couch red couch and a large table, the girls got comfy and Grace got out a glass for each girl and several big bottles of wine; Today was a big night after all.

During several hours the girls happily drank and talked, they were certainly having a great time and before they knew it the bottles were empty but they kept talking for hours.

Eventually, a certain topic for conversation came up... Serena's crush, all of the girls were pressuring Serena into doing something like confessing or going on a date. Serena however just got flustered and replied that she didn't exactly had romantic experiences and she didn't knew what to do. Grace and Diantha began to ask questions about things that Ash liked, something that she could use to her advantage to make Ash fall for her. Serena quickly replied with the things Ash really seemed to enjoy like eating, Pokemon, battling, travelling and... Due to her current state Serena's mouth slipped a little secret about a certain body part... All the girls laughed at that, causing Serena to fluster more. They weren't laughing at Serena or Ash though, all of them surprisingly... found it cute! Miette then cooked up a serious kinky plan... Something that could maybe make Serena a little more open and everyone present could participate! All of the girls approved of the plan, maybe because of their tipsy state and after some serious convincing and Peer pressure... Serena accepted too....

It was late at night and Ash would usually be asleep at this hour, but there was a huge celebration for the performance and also a lot of food, so he just had to stay awake for this night. Clemont and Bonnie, along with his old pal Pikachu were already at their room, since they just couldn't stay up that late. The boy walked around, looking for more food and maybe some Pokemon trainers to chat but then...over the intercom he received a call, something about him being needed at a specific room and that was urgent. Ash dropped what he was doing and ran to the room the intercom mentioned.

Upon arriving, he was surprised, and then he realized this was going to be a long night.

With pride, I present to all of you, my dear viewers my little protect. A whole week of work and it was definitely worth it!

This is actually based of an old hand made drawing, and if you've stuck with me for some time since my humble origins, you know what I'm talking about, one that has interesting story... I don't want to get into details, so let's just say that it was the beginning of a series of troublesome events. However, I want to make clear that this image was my idea, it has more characters, a different context and setting, so it's mostly different to the old one.

Looking back at that old image, it really shows how far I've come since then. Back then I barely knew how to make a straight line, I remember that my hand would shake a lot while drawing and it ended up making my works look childish and... pretty autistic TBH and all that was like... what? a little more than a year a ago? Time sure flies... and it hasn't been that long!

But times looks brighter back then too...

I'm getting off tracks... So, yeah... This image took a while to complete! I still suck at dresses but I feel like I did a decent job overall, I like how the feet and faces turned out!

I know that I made a poll a while ago about the girls that were going to appear in the image, the winners by far were Bonnie and Cynthia, but I went with the other popular options since Cynthia being there didn't made much sense and... Bonnie is.... I don't want to go to jail, so... My apologies.

Shout out to: :iconsolidservine97: :iconcardfightvanguard62: and :iconthejestermime: for checking the early sketch and giving me some feedback! Thank you so much, you guys!

Also, I want to thank you, the viewer for seeing, faving and enjoying my works! Special thanks to my watchers, for sticking with me and supporting me!

All of you rock!…

I really hope you guys enjoy this one, cheers!

(All characters are portrayed as 18+ regardless of original depictions).

All character depicted here belong to Nintendo/Game Freak.
The results are in!
Raffleresults by Vandiward
Thanks to everyone for participating!
I am currently working on a little project while also working on a commission... But I really need feedback on the project.

However, the project is a secret and only one person will be able to see it; post a comment here to participate on a little raffle. The winner gets to see the project!
I think you guys misunderstood me in the last journal and I apologize, I should have worded myself better.


I appreciate your enthusiasm and thank you for the earlier suggestions, but I need the situations, not the couples themselves.

Allow me to word myself better. I need ticklish situations were a cute couple (boy and girl) could be.

Thank you and I apologize for the misunderstanding 


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I need points so I can commission artists, I'm poor.

Please help me a dude out, will ya? '3'

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